In-Company Coaching

In-Company Coaching

Transform your people, transform your business

In-Company Coaching:
why, how & what?

In times of change, your organization needs a strong and resilient team to stay ahead of challenges and make the company thrive. Keeping top tier talent engaged and retained is key in today’s organizational people management. Because empowered leaders create a tremendous ripple effect across the organization. Because people who reach their full potential believe in themselves, are more productive and become ambassadors.

How do you keep your employees engaged and on top of their game?

Aligning your HR with your business strategies

In-Company Coaching helps your organization with

  • Up-levelling core leadership skills
  • Improving workforce resilience
  • Creating a high-performance culture
  • Fostering agility

Offering professional development and personal growth for employees

In-Company Coaching helps your employees with

  • Ways to understand and improve their own strengths and capacities, empowering them to reach their full potential
  • A feeling of connection to the company purpose and the importance of their role in the organization
  • Tools + support enabling a healthy work-life balance

It’s a coaching method based on the belief in capabilities

We strongly believe every leader can grow. And that In-Company Coaching leads to lasting results.


Why is it that even high potentials don’t deliver up to expectations or feel unsatisfied?
The truth is, we often feel on our own, Despite working with many people every day. Especially when we are faced with complex issues, emotionally difficult decisions, high pressure and great responsibility. For many issues we can turn to a manager or other colleague but not for everything.
Here’s where the value of In-company Coaching comes into play.
The coach is a neutral sparring partner with whom the coachee can exchange thoughts in complete confidence. During the coaching session, first and foremost, there is time and a safe space. This allows you to clarify the many thoughts that occupy you. This happens through a process of questions and feedback in which you as coachee come to the necessary insights.


Topics of a various nature can be addressed.
Common important coaching questions of a practical nature are for example: how to give constructive feedback to your team, creating awareness of your own needs and what you can do to guard your limits, how to communicate with more impact, finding the balance between delegating and controlling, dealing with pressure and deadlines.
On a deeper, even transpersonal level we may look at how you function as a leader, why you react in a certain way in situations, what your values are and what role you take or want to take within the organization, how to keep your own motivation high and how to deal with many contradictions.
Resilience to stress factors may also be addressed. We will investigate how to return to a satisfactory physical, emotional and mental balance.

“It’s not about the goal. It’s about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal.”

Tony Robbins

Life & business coach


How can friction be related to the goal of coaching?
Friction both internally and externally can be a catalyst for renewal and change. When friction becomes too intense, our internal system strives to return to a state of harmony. Harmony without challenge, however, can lead to a loss of drive and motivation. A coaching process can involve a certain level of discomfort when being confronted with inner conflict.
Finding the right balance between allowing friction for personal growth and feeling empowered to handle this friction leads to an inspired relationship with yourself and with others. This is the goal of coaching.


A targeted, personal approach works best for follow-through and lasting results.
As a coachee you possess the necessary wisdom about what you need in the moment to achieve your goals and maintain internal balance. Therefore, In-Company Coaching will provide specific tips, models and techniques that will help YOU get the best out of YOU.
Every good coaching starts with mutual trust.
It’s very important to feel super safe in the process. Empathy and absence of judgement are at the core of this practice.
In-company Coaching sessions are held in respect of full confidentiality and in line with the International Coaching Federation’s code of ethics.

A variety of solutions

Different people and business needs require their own unique approach. Choose from this set of solutions

1:1 Express coaching

* Online
* Ideal for urgent coaching needs
* Precise question per session
* 1 session at a time
* Free of preparation
Flexible solution

1:1 Coaching journey

* Online / live
* Between 3-6 months
* Personalized trajectory
* Agreed n° of coaching sessions
* Incl. preparation + follow-up
Transformational results

Group sessions

* Training
* Coaching
* Facilitation
* Customized + on demand
* Incl. preparation + follow-up
Group multiplicator impact

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

“The coaching with Celine really helped me to get to know myself better and to strengthen myself, to start things and to confront certain issues. Thanks to the coaching I realised that I actually can change my reality if I want to. The relationship with my manager improved very much and I got positive feedback from my colleagues about how my communication style has evolved. It was a great pleasure to work with Celine.”


Learning & development manager


Celine has gained 20 years of professional experience in various companies, firms, sectors and departments within the legal sector, international organizations and especially in the corporate world. Like her diverse and multilingual studies, her work (at home and abroad) was always internationally oriented. She therefore has a rich and varied professional background and broad human and cultural experience in professional contexts.
In 2017 she decided to give up her career as a legal director in a NYSE company. She took a break of more than 1 year to take a new direction in life based on living in integrity with her own truth. This led her to share her passion with others and to become a coach.

Having worked herself in a global law firm as an attorney as well as in various leading corporations as a lawyer, and as a former member of the council of the IBJ (Institute for Company Lawyers in Belgium), it goes without saying that Celine has a special relationship with the legal industry. She has worked extensively with attorneys, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, consultants and auditors and has great appreciation for these professionals.

This is a question often asked. Celine believes every coach has a unique offer. Rather than comparing herself to other coaches, she thinks it is important for you as a coachee or as an organization to feel the right fit, based on her qualities, credentials, background, expertise, methodological approach, way of working together and personality. The best way to find out is to have a chat and get to know each other!

Sure, let’s talk and explore your needs together and come up with a creative and co-created plan! Please reach out.