Inner Journey Coaching

Inner Journey Coaching

Become what life calls you to be

The thirst for being
why an Inner Journey

As human beings we are all born with a deep longing. Have you experienced this already? Well, it’s precisely this longing that is the entry gate to the journey within. When you are really attentive, you will notice it’s a thirst for being. For being exactly that what you are called to be in this lifetime. To become…that what feels miraculous and spontaneous and brings true joy.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.

Oprah Winfrey

Have you felt this calling? Do you long for things and relationships to come your way more naturally? Do you know how you feel when you are truly alive?

About the art of fulfillment vs. suffering

But then why is it that many people are amazingly successful and yet remain unhappy or dissatisfied?
For so many, desire is experienced, not as a joy, but as an unfulfillment.

Have you ever experienced these feelings?

  • I don’t deserve what I have or what I aspire
  • I know I can do better and yet I can’t be motivated
  • I desire to contribute to something ‘bigger’
  • I want to be a better leader
  • Everybody thinks I’m successful yet why don’t I feel happy / free
  • I don’t have the energy anymore to go on like this
  • I have physical or mental health problems, why ?
  • Money is not flowing
  • Is this it? I want to get more out of my life
  • I feel like I have no choice
  • Why am I feeling anxious/ insecure
  • People don’t respect my boundaries
  • I feel easily overwhelmed
  • I have too many thoughts and lack focus
  • I can’t see a way out
  • Why do the same kind of problems/conflicts/people visit me over and over again?
  • My relationships are not as loving, supporting as I wish
  • I don’t experience real love in my life
  • I don’t feel heard/ understood
  • I am tired of having to fight for everything
  • I only get the crumbs
  • Why must I work harder than others

Now, what is our mind / body / spirit trying to tell us?

These are important signals, not to be ignored.
Inner conflict…is what happens when we behave in a way that undermines our goals or values. And when we are out of integrity with our innate and true nature, we can even sabotage our soul-purpose. Because of this, we start to live in a state in which we experience resistance almost perpetually. It seems that experiencing a life of fulfillment appears to be an art more difficult than expected!
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

What does Inner Journey Coaching
have to offer you?


Reconnecting with your inner vision, inner strength and inner light
Getting rid of (inner) conflict + allowing life to move through you
Experiencing true fulfillment + joy in your life

The closer one gets to realising his destiny, the more that destiny becomes his true reason for being.

Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

1) The Principles

“Birds born in a cage think flying is in illness” -Alexandro Jodorowsky-

Many of us live on autopilot. We don’t realize that life has more in store. But one day the realization awakens in us that we are in a cage. We have created that cage for ourselves, or worse, believe others have pushed us into it. Suddenly we feel trapped. Our suffering becomes the greatest motivator for evolution. At this moment, all sorts of things begin to shift inside. Old certainties are falling away and we are trying to pave a road that is not yet paved. We feel we are being moved by something within.

Start with:
  1. Passion: determination that the Inner Journey is calling you
  2. Commitment: you engage yourself in the inner work
  3. Uniqueness: a tailor-made approach for you in a co-creation process
  4. Holistic: methods based on different eastern & western science + traditions
  5. Reciprocity: the coaching relation seen as a mirror
  6. Trust: trust in the process + mutual trust & confidentiality
  7. Respect: respect for personal needs + boundaries
  8. Magic: the belief or willingness to experience that life is magical

2) The Process

“First give up the feeling that you are the doer” -Ramana Maharshi-

For a very long time we have tried to pursue all kinds of things in search of happiness. We have tried so many solutions outside of us or we thought we could think our way out of the problem. Now, what would happen if instead we assumed that something bigger than our ego knows what is to be done or not? If we recognise that Power and submit as a tool. (Or to put it differently), if you refuse you will be forcibly drawn into it, which may be felt as a crisis. Instead of being an unwilling worker, be a willing one.
It’s a process of un-learning or learning to stop doing. Simple, but far from easy when you have to do it all by yourself.

  1. A free video intake call of 20 minutes
  2. A total of 8 hours of personal 1:1 coaching spread over 4 months
  3. A mix of different types of sessions (on-/offline)
  4. A follow-up email after each session
  5. Assignments to do on your own
  6. The possibility to reach out per text or voice message in between sessions

Types of sessions:

In-person sessions

Ideal for all types of deep inner work with possibility to use space + body movement, breathwork, energy/ systemic/ inner child/ emotional release work and more

Online sessions

Ideal for a flexible approach, for sharing through words in kick-off and closing session, for deep reflective work

Sessions in nature

Ideal for mentoring sessions, honoring nature as our teacher while regenerating body & mind

Soul work

A lot of the integration work of Inner Journey Coaching happens while working on yourself in between sessions

3) The Outcome

“What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi-

As said earlier, for a lot of people the longing feels like an unfulfillment. It could present itself as a lack of self-confidence. Or a stressful relationship. Or a craving to feel free, and so on. This unsatisfied feeling will be a catalyst in the process and thus show itself in the outcome. Therefore, some individuals may experience much greater self-confidence, for someone else it might be a better relationship. For still someone else, a new sense of freedom.
In all cases, Inner Journey Coaching aims for you to find:

And find:
  1. Greater clarity into your vision
  2. Empowerment on your personal journey
  3. Increased presence and self-awareness
  4. A deeper level of self-love
  5. More inner alignment and fluidity + trust in life
  6. Heartfelt support on your Inner Journey
  7. A stronger mind/body/spirit connection
  8. Specific outcomes that are personal and only you have

“The Journey with Celine brought me a deeper level of self-awareness in my daily life and work. She successfully helped me replacing a previous unconscious pattern / coping mechanism by more consciousness and presence. Some sessions were confrontational and now I experience much more fluidity in the relationship with my mother and less relational triggers in general . I have upgraded my self-care with new empowering habits. I enjoyed the ride and highly recommend the Inner Journey with Celine!


Partner Law Firm


In Inner Journey you enter the warrior path of the self-healer. Not only will space be held for all of you, and that includes being with all of your emotions, Inner Journey sessions will also activate your inner flame. This flame that burns to peel off layers of conditioning and to find its way back to source consciousness. We acknowledge the wound and also explore how it may be carrying your life medicine. There will be an invitation to step outside of your comfort zone during and in between sessions. In the Inner Journey Coaching trajectory you will receive active support, motivation and even guidance as you walk your own self-healing path.

Try to see yourself as the bird that realizes it was born in a cage and now… it wants to set itself free. When you answer the call for Inner Journey Coaching, you make a choice to go inward. It really is the love for the Inner Journey that activates our resources within to make change and to help us alchemize challenge into purpose. This takes courage, commitment, trust and vulnerability between coach and coachee. This trust and vulnerability in a mutual and humble way can lead to direct experiences and transmutations.

Well… Only you can see, know, sense or feel whether you are drawn to work with Celine. Maybe you are looking for a mentor coach. Celine has been walking the Inner Journey path herself since the moment she woke up to what was deep suffering. With many years of deep inner work through therapy, coaching, shadow work, and being on the path with her spiritual teacher she is familiar with the process of conscious dying and rebirthing to more authentic versions of herself. Having gone through various stages of awakening she may share with you her experiences whenever that supports your journey.

Let’s be honest…as the song goes…”there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. However, at all times and circumstances respect for your personal boundaries is a priority when working together. The proposition is to find out what lies past the ideas of what is considered to be pleasurable and painful. Instead, we want to move away from suffering and journey towards personal integrity, bringing joy and real fulfilment into your life.

Inner Journey Coaching can be customized to your needs and preferences (for instance number of sessions, type of sessions, place of sessions, subject matter of sessions, time lapse between sessions) with the understanding that this is a trajectory of at least 8 hours. For one-off sessions with Celine, please consult the In-Company Coaching page (Express Coaching) and the Individual Systemic Coaching page.

Normally, a session takes place at Celine’s consultation address. Other options can be discussed.

It’s lovely to be curious ! Book a free chemistry call with Celine via the Contact page. We will address any remaining questions and curiosity.