Harmonious relationships & purposeful growth
for individuals and organizations

Hello and welcome!

A world in which people feel connected. In which we all can experience the essence of life as a source of lasting happiness. That is what I long for.

Do you also believe that harmonious relationships + growth with a higher purpose contain love and authenticity? That both can lead us here?

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I would love to hear from you.

What got her inspired?
The realisation of being out of integrity with herself!

Feeling lost

After 15 exciting professional years, working in a global law firm, an international organization and for several international leading companies, Celine realised that somewhere along the way, she had lost herself. By the end of 2017, She decided to take a career break to re-energise professionally, but also emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The road to integrity

She embarked on a new path towards wholeness through silent meditations retreats, trainings, coaching, volunteering, yoga and many holistic and life changing experiences. It was then that she realised the deeper meaning of being in integrity with herself: in addition to the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles it refers to the road to return to a state of being whole and undivided: bringing back the fragmented – often inconsistent, conflicted, and even immoral pieces of herself into unity. She was confronted with aspects of herself and of existence that made her reconsider fundamentally her reality of things. After 40 years of trying to pursue connection, through, many times unconscious ways, she reversed the pattern of suffering and started to allow herself to grief and receive. Instead the natural flow of feeling connected and joyful – in the relationship with herself, others as well as the universe which she is a part of has been expanding ever since. It became an extraordinary and wonderful alchemical journey that continues to unfold to this day.

“The more I am learning about myself – the conscious, the unconscious, the whole of the inward movement of myself – , out of that there is integrity.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Her transformation continued

A desire to share

The passion for her transformational journey evolved into com-passion where she wanted to share with others the treasures she was blessed with on her personal path. This is how she started offering coaching to individuals and in organizations who recognise integrity and empathy as drivers of positive change and connection. Today, she approaches this through the angle of In-Company and using Systemic Coaching as an important tool. She also finds a profound joy in coaching fellow seekers on their personal Inner Journey.

Paradigm shifts

Celine continues to provide consulting services in the field of legal, compliance and HR, with a strong focus on conscious and sustainable business & working practices. She is committed to the art of integrity & empathy and a systemic based approach whereby the aspects of ethics, fairness, transparency and trust are central. The aim is always value creation, for the benefit of the parties as well as stakeholders and society as a whole.

Nurturing the soul

She loves to spend time in nature and with close friends. She rediscovered her childhood passions and got back into playing the piano, singing, and dancing. On holidays she’s either discovering the world with a backpack or exploring the many layers of Consciousness in spiritual retreats.

Celine’s holistic & relationship
based approach

Like Aristotle said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Celine highly values a pragmatic way of working, with a focus on sustainable solutions and results. Her work process is based on the principles of partnership, collaboration and co-creation, in which creativity and shared values find their roots.

To obtain a change in our outer reality we need to change our inner reality first

Have you noticed those moments when you’re in love, everything seems to go naturally? And that when you are in a bad mood, everything seems to go against you?
So is it with our experience of all of reality. Today, we each look through our own psychic filter, that was built upon many conscious, but oh(!) so many more unconscious layers of experiences. This what Carl Jung meant by “who looks outside dreams and who looks inside awakens“.
It is through the awakening that we start to see reality through a clearer lens. And only when we see reality as it truly is, can we start to act, from a place of Truth, instead of react, from a place of ego. And bring the right action into the world. And change that outer reality.

Intuition is the number one tool in her toolbox

After many years of focusing on learning and developing her analytical skills and working methods, Celine returned to her innate intuitive talents and today she adds: deep and active listening skills, conscious speech, various techniques and models developed in NLP, neuroscience, psychology, energetic work, individual + group systemic coaching, as well as body/mind/soul wisdom derived from meditation and yogic practices. With a sense of humour.

A true master is an eternal student

Celine gives great importance to a solid training foundation for the services she offers thereby balancing both the left and the right brain.

In addition to her ICF-certified coaching degree, certifications in NLP Practitioner, systemic constellation work (in progress) and training in breathwork, she attended a huge amount of seminars and workshops. Such as: communication (NVC), mind-bodywork, nutrition, hypnosis, and meditation including Vipassana. She’s a practitioner of the non-dual shaiva yoga teachings as she has been receiving them on a very regular basis from her spiritual master since 2018.

Academic training that supports her work: she obtained Master degrees in Law, in International relations & conflict management, as well as in Business planning and she studied Competition law & economics (LLM). In addition she attended executive training in Negotiation to create value as well as in Finance for non-financial managers.

Precious life values
she practices by bringing them
into her relationships
& her work


Celine has an ardent passion for the search for truth and self-knowledge. She aligns her words and actions the best she can and in doing so hopes to serve her environment as a source of trust.


Celine finds it important to bring softness to a world that is often harsh and to keep developing her emotional awareness. She respects the lifestyles of others and considers their well-being as part of hers.


The magnificent beauty of life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The capacity for total wonder, and experiencing the feeling of gratefulness are Celine’s spontaneous, active practice of joy.


Spirituality comes alive only when it is put into practice. Celine’s love for people, animals and planet stimulates her desire to actively contribute to awareness and positive change, peace and prosperity.