Alchemy of integrity

Coaching, facilitation and consulting for a more conscious & relationship oriented world

Harmonious relationships & purposeful growth for individuals and organizations

No one will deny that change is a key word in our reality today. We see it in technology and also in law and regulation. But most of all, we notice it in the way we as humans look at life. Expectation patterns have evolved dramatically in a short period of time. What if we use the many challenges as a springboard to a more conscious way of living, working and producing?

This is an invitation to work from the notion of integrity as opportunity. The proposal is to find the way back to our authentic selves as an individual, as an organization, as a society and as an organism in a cosmic whole. It translates into an offering that holds the middle ground between coaching and services where legal, compliance and HR are human- and relationship-centred. Together, let us be successful agents of conscious, right and harmonious change.



The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

The state of being whole and undivided



A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or a combination

About Celine

A world in which people feel connected. In which we all can experience the essence of life as a source of lasting happiness. That is what I long for.

Do you also believe that harmonious relationships and growth with a higher purpose can lead us here?

Celine is more than a coach, she is a so-called “companion” bringing ethical solutions for a business, bringing personal insights as a coach and providing added value. She is open, transparent and ethical and a pleasure to work with. I am sure she is able to guide many more people to find a right balance and to allow companies to find the best ethical balance.

Kris De Schutter Partner at Loyens & Loeff Law Firm

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